The club relies on volunteers to function.  Without its volunteers, the club would not be able to provide the training programme or run or attend competitions. There are many ways to help the club ranging from being a casual volunteer, such as helping sell cakes at an event through to taking on a specific role such as Team Manager or an official, which require specific qualifications or attendance at a particular course.  For the officials’ training, much of the learning can be done at your own pace, under the guidance of a mentor.  A licensing scheme operates to ensure that officials’ qualifications and experience remains current as the rules and conduct of swimming competitions evolves. The club funds the cost of courses for volunteers as outlined in the Payment and Expenses policy.

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We are always looking for volunteers.  Do contact us at FlitwickDolphinsEnquiries@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Role descriptions can be found in the Documents section on Swim Manager or accessed via the following link: Volunteer Club Roles | Resources to help volunteers fulfil their role (swimming.org)

The table below summarises the key roles:

Swimming Officials

Non-Technical Swimming Officials

Non-swimming roles




Team Manager*






Poolside helper *


Clerk to course


*Please note these roles require individuals to have undertaken a Safeguarding course and a DBS check.

Information on courses for officials and volunteers can be accessed using this link: Courses for Officials and Volunteers (swimming.org)

If you are an official you can register to receive the British Swimming Officials Newsletters which will keep you up to date with any changes in rules or opportunities to officiate at major meets Officials News | Swim England (swimmingresults.org)