The club relies on volunteers to function.  Without its volunteers, the club would not be able to provide the training programme or run or attend competitions. There are many ways to help the club ranging from being a casual volunteer, such as helping sell cakes at an event through to taking on a specific role such as Team Manager or an official, which require specific qualifications or attendance at a particular course.  For the officials’ training, much of the learning can be done at your own pace, under the guidance of a mentor.  A licensing scheme operates to ensure that officials’ qualifications and experience remains current as the rules and conduct of swimming competitions evolves. The club funds the cost of courses for volunteers as outlined in the Payment and Expenses policy.

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We are always looking for volunteers.  Do contact us at  secretary@flitwickdolphins.org.uk if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Role descriptions can be found in the Documents section on Swim Manager or accessed via the following link: Volunteer Club Roles | Resources to help volunteers fulfil their role (swimming.org)

The table below summarises the key roles:

Swimming Officials

Non-Technical Swimming Officials

Non-swimming roles




Team Manager*






Poolside helper *


Clerk to course


*Please note these roles require individuals to have undertaken a Safeguarding course and a DBS check.

Information on courses for officials and volunteers can be accessed using this link: Courses for Officials and Volunteers (swimming.org)

If you are an official you can register to receive the British Swimming Officials Newsletters which will keep you up to date with any changes in rules or opportunities to officiate at major meets Officials News | Swim England (swimmingresults.org)


FDSC Young volunteers and Duke of Edinburgh criteria and expectations.

All applications to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh scheme (skills, physical or volunteering) at the club or any volunteering should be sent to secretary@flitwickdolphins.org.uk

All volunteers need to wear a purple Dolphins top, ideally with the Jacuzzi logo. This applies on the pool deck, at competitions and when volunteering on any zoom sessions. If you do not wear an official Dolphins top you will not be allowed poolside.
If you are working on the pool deck you must have appropriate footwear that is only used inside the pool deck area environment and not ever worn outside. Appropriate footwear would include clean trainers or pool deck shoes.
Always make sure that you have a drinks bottle that you can fill up with fresh water to avoid becoming dehydrated. Please do not chew gum or eat whilst volunteering.
Arrive 5-10 minutes earlier than the session is due to commence so that you are ready to receive any instructions or information and briefing in relation to the training or event that is about to take place.
Always try to make sure that you assist the coach getting the equipment out and at the end of the session do not just leave, find out if the coach would like you to put the equipment away and let the coach know when that is done and when you are leaving the session.
You are still the coach’s responsibility and they do have to make sure that you are safeguarded and that they are aware that you have actually left the pool deck. Please do not wander off to the toilet or for any other reason without letting the coach know.
Make sure your personal possessions, any coats or bags are put in a safe place poolside and not blocking any exits or left in any public areas.
Do you not use your mobile phone on the pool deck or at zoom sessions and while you are assisting. Your phone should be on silent or switched off whilst on poolside.
Whilst you are volunteering and working with the coaches, please remain focused on the task of assisting the coach and helping younger swimmers.
If you are not sure what you should be doing, liaise with the coach you are working with, make sure you are fully engaged at all times.
If you need to leave early for any reason, make sure the coach is aware of that before the commencement of the training or the event.
If you are volunteering as part of the D of E award scheme, we will arrange for you to have evidence of your regular volunteering and that will be dealt with at the end of your volunteering period alongside the assessors report (you may still need to get a sheet signed off each week and it is your responsibility to do that if it is required by your D of E Coordinator).. Please confirm all the details of your aims, objectives and goals in relation to the volunteering in advance of commencing the volunteering or physical sections. This is essential and the coach that you will be working with will need to know that before you start and when writing up the assessor’s report. Try to make sure you get your paperwork signed off straight away if at all possible if you are carrying out volunteering for the D of E award.
Always keep a note of what you have done in that session for your evidence and to assist the coach when preparing the assessor’s report. Write up all your notes as soon as you are able after each of the Duke of Edinburgh volunteering sessions as it’s very difficult to retrospectively look back at dates to recall what it is that you have done at any session or events. Make sure that you are working towards your D of E objectives and seek guidance from the coach who will be only too pleased to assist you.
If you are unable to make one of the sessions, try to let the coach who you are working with know in advance or let us know and we will make sure they are advised and that you will be absent/late in relation to that training session or event. Please email secretary@flitwickdolphins.org.uk
Always keep an open mind and always try to be smiling, happy and confident. People will be watching you from spectator galleries/or other areas and if you look perturbed, bewildered or bored that is not going to be the right impression.

Set out below is the Swim England description of a poolside helper which should assist you further.
Those volunteers that are 16 years and over will be required to undertake a DBS check and undertake a Basic Safeguarding Awareness course.
Those volunteers that 18 years of over will be required to undertake a Safeguarding & Protecting Children certification and a DBS check

Most importantly, enjoy your volunteering, you will get a great deal out of it, if you put in the effort. The coaches and everyone at the club are here to support and encourage you.

Swim England Description of a poolside helper

Poolside Helper

A poolside helper supports the delivery of club sessions under the supervision of a qualified teacher or coach.

Who we are looking for?

  • You will be at least 14yrs of age.
  • You will have a good understanding of the club and the structure of its sessions and competitions.
  • You will be enthusiastic and passionate about the development of all club members.
  • You will have a basic understanding of aquatics and safety within sessions.


What do we and the club expect from a poolside helper?

  • To assist with the set-up of the pool for club training sessions and ensure all equipment is correctly stored away at the end of the session.
  • To follow the instructions of the coach / teacher to support the delivery of the session.
  • To be aware of the safety of the session at all times, ensuring the poolside is tidy and any health and safety risks are reported to the coach or appropriate personnel.
  • To make sure that swimmers have the correct equipment needed for the session such as pullbuoys and floats.


What will you gain from the experience?

This is a fun and supportive role which success and impact on the club will be determined by your own motivations and enthusiasms.

As well as your ability to assist the delivery of club training sessions, it is an opportunity to take on a new challenge, gain practical teaching/coaching experience, and support the development of all swimmers involved in the club.