The club’s Masters section has grown significantly over the last few years. Although there are designated time-slots for Masters’ training, some of our competitive Masters train alongside some of our A squad members. The club are proud that so many of our Master swimmers compete in the Regional championships and that we provide a large component of the Bedfordshire team at the intercounty events.   Some of our Masters also compete at national and international events and have become national winners, including being British record holders for some events for their age group and medal winners on the world stage.  The club values the part that our Masters play in the club, offering our younger swimmers a source of inspiration and setting such a good example.


Liz Woolner, one of our Masters’ swimmers has the following to say:

FDSC is such a friendly club that supports swimmers of all ages and abilities.  
I like the way FDSC celebrates success. I have always felt to be part of the team even when I am the oldest (sometimes by many years!) training in the lane or in a competition. I also think FDSC does a fantastic job with its officials. The club supports them through their training and does all it can to provide the mentoring opportunities that are required to reach the next level.