Our Vision and Aims

We are a competitive swimming club and aim to provide swimmers of all ages with the opportunity to compete in events from local to national level. Although a relatively small club, we pride ourselves on competing successfully at all levels, from local friendly galas to National Championships. Competitive swimming demands much from swimmers and their parents, but the rewards for hard work, dedication and commitment are high too. And not just in individual success, but also in fostering team spirit, gaining self-discipline and confidence, improving fitness and making friends that last a lifetime.

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FDSC is committed to:

Developing the talent of all its members

Promoting a love of swimming

Developing healthy bodies and healthy minds

Providing a safe and supportive environment for all its members

Promoting the ‘DOLPHIN’ way:

       D – Determination

       O – Overcoming Challenges and Adversity

       L – Leading by Example

       P – Punctuality and Attendance

       H – High Standards of Behaviour

       I -   Improves performance over time

       N – Never Gives up Trying