Club Kit

Club kit (excluding swim hats) can be purchased directly from Prestige via their website:

For any questions about kit please contact

Hats and beanies can be purchased via the club shop on Swim Manager. Jane will contact you with regard to delivery.

Essential Kit and equipment for all swimmers

Kit Equipment  

Goggles x 2 pairs – make sure adjusted to fit before session

Pull buoy - used when completing 'pull' drills during sessions


Costume – Girls: full costume; Boys: jammers or trunks

Alignment Board - used when completing 'kick' drills during sessions alignment board
Swim Hat x 2 (if worn) - be latex or silicone (for Galas / Opens and League competitions these MUST be Dolphins purple Hats) Fins (short training ones) - used at different times during sessions fins

Flip flops – for use on poolside

Hand paddles - used in some sessions hand paddles
Towels Front facing Snorkel - used at different times in sessions snorkel
Water bottle: 1 litre per hour of training Exercise mat (if you do land training) mat


Rapid Swimwear has supplied Flitwick Dolphins’ swimmers kit for many years


Rapid Swimwear say "We at Rapid Swimshop have a good background knowledge in competitive swimming. We have all competed competitively to a high standard and also have experience in Teaching and Coaching. With this experience, we have a good insight into what, you the swimmer and coaches require. We at Rapid Swimshop are a family run business and our aim is to offer a personal service with quality products at reasonable prices and we are proud to work with many clubs."

To view their products use this link:

If kit is not brought to the training sessions, you will not be able to borrow kit and therefore will have to sit out the sets where it is required or, complete the sets without it. All kit must be named.