This year’s National Arena League kicked off on Saturday 14th October at West Bromwich Leisure Centre with a strong 3rd place finish. Our Division 2 (of 3) competitors were Halesowen, Boldmere B, Repton B, Nuneaton & Northgate with Nuneaton (1st) and Repton (2nd) coming ahead of the Dolphins after being promoted from Div 3, last year.

The great thing about league racing is that it is not all down to the individual or winning a race. We had the lowest number of 1st places (well done – Harrison, Lily F and the U11 Female Medley team) but the highest number of 2nd and 3rd places combined. Great strength in breadth and depth. Well done Dolphins – onto Round2 – where we will be hosting at Leamington Spa on the 11th November.

As is custom, Club Captain Guido announced swimmer(s) of the gala in the McDonalds at Watford Gap. Lochy & Molly were the worthy winners for their amazing swimming and the support that they gave to the team.