The clubs open meet, that was held in October, was a resounding success and this was down to the many volunteers who worked so hard.

Three volunteers, that the club like would like to recognise most especially, are actually three swimmers who were not competing at all of the sessions at the event but despite that, gave up their time to volunteer and got stuck into their roles, working extremely hard.

One of these volunteers had only been at the club for a matter of a few weeks but still chose to give up her time to help support the other swimmers, undertaking some very important tasks that helped with the running of the competition.

The other two swimmers, despite their young age, had a very mature approach to their tasks and were joy to see every time they walked around with their smiling faces and their containers of sweets that they were handing out to keep us all going!

The club is pleased to announce that the November swimmers of the month award goes to Lauren Young, Leah Boost and Freya Williams. These swimmers will be presented with their Swimmer of the month” swimming caps this week. Thank you so much for volunteering .