One of the clubs swimmers, Chloe Ford, recently took part in a swim of the English Channel in a relay team of four in September. Chloe was part of the club team that trained for the relay swim that took place in July but had to undertake her swim in September with a completely different team.

It's truly remarkable to be able to turn up and swim in a relay team with people you've never previously met before and never trained with and, to complete the task.
In view of this achievement, Chloe Ford is the October Swimmer of the month. Her experience is best described in her own words:-

3 Jellyfish and a Dolphin

Jenny started our swim from the beach at 2:41am Katy was next to go and then it was me followed by Sam. I got my lights attached and my grease on. The reality of the swim became real when I jumped into the cold dark water with only the light on the boat to guide me. After hesitation, I found my stroke and continued for the hour. What seemed like no time at all I was getting ready for my second swim which was a lot more enjoyable as the sun was rising and I was able to see in front of me. My third swim was a lot harder as unfortunately I injured my shoulder, but with a lot of determination and support from my team and crew I got through the waves. Once I got out of the sea I was greeted with a cup of tea made by Paul the pilot.

The tides started to turn and the waves where against us. A couple of hours of holding on to our bags and thanks to incredible swims from Jenny and Katy it was finally time for the last swim of the relay swam by me. I swam for about 20 minutes with the boat next to me and then I was told to carry on alone and just head for the shore. Swimming alone with no one around me was daunting at first but France was in sight and I knew my team wouldn't be too far behind. Being able to land the swim was an incredible feeling but being able to finish on a French beach was even more special. A feeling I will never forget”.