nigel halford - head coach
 Nigel Halford
Head Coach
lauren flippers lead coach   Coach Flippers ClaudiaGrantDawson   Coach LouiseKing
Lauren Murphy
Flippers Lead Coach
   Claudia Grant-Dawson
Flippers Coach
  Louise King
B&C Squad Lead Coach
james mcfarland Volunteer LilliThompson CoachAss FinsFlippers EmmaBoost VolunteerAss FinsFlippers
James McFarland
Volunteer Assistant to Fins & Flippers Coaches
Lilli Thompson
Volunteer Assistant to Fins & FlippersCoaches 
Emma Boost
Volunteer Assistant to Fins & Flippers Coaches
Olivia Fowler
Volunteer Assistant to Fins & Flippers Coaches

We are a part of the Central Bedfordshire Swimming network and we aim to work with all clubs in Bedfordshire to provide the best environment for all our members across every squad.   

We are focused on providing structured sessions that allow swimmers to build habits, skills and qualities that will last a lifetime and serve them in later life, to be successful in not only swimming but any career they choose.

Our mission is to meet the needs of every one of our members, whether they are looking to keep fit, embarking upon competitive swimming,  representing the club at competitions, obtaining county qualification times ,  competing as regional swimmers, open water swimmers  or European master’s medallists.

We work very closely with the Central Bedfordshire swim squad to provide a link which can aid the development of English national and British championship swimmers. This link also allows our coaches to work with the squad and continue their professional development and bring back skills that can improve the quality of training at FDSC.

Our swimmers participate in team galas such as Junior, Chiltern and National Arena League as well as entering open meet competitions as individual competitors with the clubs support.

We are committed to ensuring each member receives a quality training session which works within the Long Term Athlete Development framework to ensure we can set the foundations for many national swimmers and allow each individual swimmer to reach their full potential.  

The Coaching Teams Welcome Statement          

FDSC is a very open, friendly and competitive swimming club with Swim 21  status. We are focused on providing a well-organized swimming structure in which every member can progress to the highest level within a caring and supportive environment. Each swimmer will receive a welcome that will last throughout their time with us, and will receive all the support and encouragement to help them achieve their complete potential. We focus, not only upon the training aspect, but also on being a member of a very successful and friendly club. Our swimmers participate at a very high level of competition, including National level.

FDSC are very keen to allow children to participate in a sport which offers so much, not only in the pool, but in being part of a close caring club. They can be confident that they are an important part of a supportive programme which will encourage them to train and develop both physically and mentally.