"We at Rapid Swimshop have a good background knowledge in competitive swimming. We have all competed competitively to a high standard and also have experience in Teaching and Coaching. With this experience, we have a good insight into what, you the swimmer and coaches require. We at Rapid Swimshop are a family run business and our aim is to offer a personal service with quality products at reasonable prices and we are proud to work with many clubs."

To view all their products all you need to do is use this link- http://www.rapidswimshop.co.uk/?Click=12 / click on the Rapid logo above or click on the relevant products below in the grid.

If kit is not brought you will not be able to borrow kit and therefore will have to sit out the sets where it is required or complete the sets without it. (All kit must be named)

This should be a good quality training costume:
Girl's full costume (no halter necks) | Boy's jammers or trunks - no baggy shorts (Drag Pants may be worn during training)
These should be adjusted to fit before each session so no time is wasted during the session adjusting them
HAT (2)
These can be latex or silicone (for Galas / Opens and League competitions these MUST be Dolphins purple Hats)
DRINK (1 litre per hour of training)
Without fluids training becomes incredibly difficult and over the long term can cause health issues

Arena Pullbouy AlignmentBoard TrainingFins

Pull Buoy
Used when completing ‘pull’ drills during sessions

Alignment Board
Used when completing ‘kick’ drills during a session

These need to be short training fins and will be used at different times throughout the sessions

HandPaddles Snorkel MiraFloorMat

Hand Paddles
(Development and Senior Squads) 

Used at different times throughout the sessions

Front Facing Snorkel
(Development and Senior Squads) 

Used at different times throughout the sessions

MiraFit 6mm Excercise Floor Mat
Required for those swimmers that attend Land Training

(available at Mira, Amazon or Ebay)