Coaching Team

Nigel Halford - HEAD COACH
Louise King (Level 2 Coaching)
Lauren Murphy (Level 2 Coaching)
Chris Murphy (Level 2 Coaching)

Sandra Grant (Level 2 Coaching)
Ian Murray (Level 1 Coaching)
Ian Fowler (Level 1 Coaching)
Judy Thompson (Level 1 Coaching)

Lead Coaches for A Squad, Masters and Open Water
Nigel Halford
Ian Murray

  Lead Coach for B and C Squad
Louise King

Fins and Flippers Coaching Team
Lauren Murphy (Level 2 Coaching) - Lead Coach 
Sandra Grant (Level 2 Coaching)
Judy Thompson (Level 1 Coaching)

Janet Murphy (Level 1 Coaching)
Claudia Grant-Dawson (Level 2 Teaching)
Callum Runchman (Level 2 Training)

Volunteer Assistants
James McFarland - Assistant

Olivia Fowler - Assistant
Emma Boost - Assistant
Lilli Thompson - Assistant
Eddy McFarland - Assistant
Maddie Philips - Assistant
Prem Parmar - Assistant
Emika Malia - Assistant
Sophie Fowler - Assistant
Liz Brooker - Assistant
Suzanne Ryall - Assistant